For birders and other wildlife watchers, the 1-mile West Deptford Scenic Trail offers an opportunity for a remote and tranquil stroll through a beautiful natural area. Located within a 90-acre area of grasslands and woodlands, the walking trail is not open to cyclists. The flat route is a popular destination for those seeking out some of the bird species that either call NJ home or pass through on their annual migration, including Northern bobwhites, brown thrasher and Great Horned Owls.

Access the trail at Riverwinds Drive and West Grove Street in West Deptford, NJ. The trail is surrounded by dense woods, offering some respite from the sun in summer. The surface is dirt and grass and is uneven in sections. A spur trail to a wetland area offers a water view as well as an opportunities to spot species attracted to this habitat. The trail is not heavily used and offers a remarkably remote feeling considering its proximity to dense suburban surroundings, including Philadelphia which is just across the Delaware River.  

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