Diana Nyad invites people to walk 134 miles from Philadelphia to D.C.

Promotes a week of grit, endurance, and cathartic connectedness. After five life-and-death attempts and over 35 years of pushing herself to the brink of her athletic abilities, Diana Nyad became the first individual in history to swim the 110.86 miles between Havana and Key West. Now Nyad—along with endurance athlete and Cuba expedition leader Bonnie Stoll—is pounding the pavement to provide all people with the same feeling of personal accomplishment through the act of walking. Bonnie Stoll and Diana Nyad, founders EverWalk, with a dream to turn sedentary America into a bold nation of walkers.

A Week-Long Walk from Philadelphia to D.C.

The journey from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.—dubbed the Liberty Walk—will take place August 26 through September 1. It is part of the organization’s EPIC series of week-long endurance walks. This is the fourth EPIC EverWalk. Others have covered the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, and New England. The Liberty Walk route takes walkers from the Delaware River banks through the historic sites of Philadelphia, to bucolic Maryland farmland and the seaport of Baltimore, and finally past the grandeur of D.C.’s monuments. Walkers may choose to walk the entire seven days or join the group as day walkers or partial-route participants.

The registration price for the event includes hotel stays and a celebratory kick-off dining event on Saturday, August 25 in Philadelphia. Those interested in registering for the Liberty Walk can do so via this link.