On behalf of the Cheltenham EAC Mobility and Healthy Living subgroup,Tookany/Tacony-Frankford (TTF) Watershed PartnershipThe Circuit Trails, and Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, we'd like to invite you to a community meeting for an update on The Circuit and a conversation about trail opportunities in our watershed and Cheltenham. 

As you know, Cheltenham recently adopted a Resolution "endorsing the completion of 180 miles of Circuit Trail throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region by 2025 in order to achieve 500 miles of completed Circuit Trails; supporting existing trails along the alignment of Circuit Trails to be designated as part of The Circuit; and installing signage in coordination with this effort." The Cheltenham Sustainability Plan as well as the Township's Open Space Plan express a commitment to integrate pathways into the fabric of the community and the transportation system, and continue to develop the Tookany Trail network. We're looking forward to the Phase 3 Tookany Creek Trail project connecting New Second Street to High School Park along the creek. 

The meeting will be held on:
Wednesday, April 25 from 6:30 to 8 pm
Cheltenham Center for the Arts

RSVP to: John Raisch at jraisch@gmail.com or 215-704-1556 or Julie Slavet at Julie@ttfwatershed.org or 215-744-1853.