Help Us Complete 500 miles by 2025

The Circuit Trails is an incredible regional asset for the Greater Philadelphia-South Jersey region. Our diverse and growing network of trails is a place for our community to connect, gather, commute, recreate and discover new destinations across our region. With more than 330 miles of completed trails to date, our network is still growing toward its ultimate goal of 800-plus miles across our nine-county region.

As we work toward a completed network, we know that the Circuit Trails needs to reach an interim goal of 500 completed miles of trails by 2025. And to get to that goal, we’ve developed an action plan to move the Circuit Trails forward.

The result of more than a year’s worth of analysis and work conducted by members of the Circuit Trails Coalition, the action plan maps out trail segment projects and policy recommendations that would enable us to achieve our 500 miles by 2025 goal.


Say Thanks to the Trails You Love

Trails have always had a place in our hearts—but as many across the region, country and world have turned to trails and outdoor spaces for physical activity, respite and essential trips during the pandemic, we were reminded of just how vital these spaces are for the wellbeing of individuals and our communities. Which is why we want to take time to express gratitude for those who play a part in supporting, funding, maintaining and advancing the progress of these places #OnTheCircuit.

That's why we’re seeking your support to show the community the importance of our more than 330-mile network of multiuse trails. Your support can help us continue to advance the progress of trails #OnTheCircuit to reach our short-term goal of completing 500 miles of trails by 2025.

Here are a few ways that you can make a difference:

  • Email your Local Representative

To move forward the Circuit’s goal to reach 500 miles by 2025, we need the support from the local officials in our nine-county region—but your representative needs to know that trails are important to you. Let your representative know how much you love the trails in your county and how appreciative you are for their continued support of the Circuit Trails. Click on your county below, then fill out the form to send your local officials words of thanks and encouragement for them to continue to support the advancement of Circuit Trails.

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  • Express your appreciation for the trails online

Use your voice on social media to share your expressions of appreciation for the Circuit Trails with your family, friends and followers. Create posts with a message of personal gratitude or share photo and videos memories, experiences or trail adventures using the hashtag #OnTheCircuit, or re-share ours!

  • Share your gratitude by spreading the word!

Want to share even more love for the Circuit Trails? Get out the word by re-sharing our posts that explain how you can get involved. Click the link below to share our pre-drafted tweet about how to participate.