Gear Up Before You Go Out: Tips to Winterize Your Ride

Winter weather has arrived #onthecircuit! With more snow in our future forecast, it is important to make sure you are gearing up properly to help avoid ruining great days spent on the trails. If you’re a runner or walker, remember to wear an extra layer when setting out this winter. As for cyclists, we have a few additional tips to help you winterize your ride to keep your riding steadily through the freezing temperatures! Take a look below to see how you can prepare your bike for the cold and snow this season.

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1. Check Your Chain

Keeping your bike chain lubricated is always important, but especially so when the temperatures drop. Winter weather can really take a toll on your chain’s condition, causing it to wear down and rust more quickly. For rain and mild snow, using normal bike lube is appropriate, but during extreme weather, you might need to kick it up a notch. recommends bar and chain lube designed for chain saws, but only in the most extreme winter weather conditions.

2. Fend Off

Fenders will help keep you, your bike and other riders dry and happy. This is a must for riding in winter weather, especially if you are commuting on the Circuit Trails.  Try a clip-on fender for snowy weather, or just rig up a new fender out of cardboard if you’re feeling creative.

3. Bike Baths

The snow is really beautiful while its falling, but it can be messy to ride through! Salt and slush can really damage your favorite set of wheels. Washing your bike after each winter outing will keep it working properly and help you delay a professional tune-up. Be sure to dry the bike after and give special attention to your saddle and handle bars, which are extra vulnerable during winter months.

4. Get Tired

Studded tires might be necessary for extreme weather, but for everyday winter riding consider on road tires with a winter thread to give you that extra grip you need. Also, pay attention to your tire pressure. By reducing your tire pressure to the lower end of the suggested range, your bike will be able to grip the slick and frozen surfaces more easily, keeping you upright on your winter rides.

It may be temperate today, but winter weather is likely coming soon. Don’t wait until the forecast is calling for snow to prep your bike – take advantage of these tips now to be prepared to navigate you rough winter rides this month and next! 

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