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No two trail experiences are alike. Some people like to walk, others prefer to ride. Some want to explore nature or their community, whereas others choose to sit back and relax. And some people want to do a little bit of everything! These differences are what make the trails special. Every trail user, whether a seasoned pro or new traveler, can find ways to make them their own.

The more than 370 miles of trails that form the Circuit Trails network are your trails—and how you use them is up to you! And whether you choose to walk, run, ride, roll, play or simply be outside in nature, there are endless opportunities for you to get out and enjoy.

We’ve gathered a few resources to help you explore the Circuit Trails, enhance your trail experiences, discover events and new activities to try, and new memories.

While you’re out there, let us know how’re getting outside on the Circuit Trails and what makes them special to you using #MyCircuitTrails and tagging us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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