Cue the Eagles fight song, congratulations are in order for our friend, Pennsylvania State Senator John Yudichak! On Friday, July 13, Senator Yudichak fulfilled his promise and completed his 165-mile long hike of the D&L Trail. What made him take on such a monumental trek? Besides his passion for the environment, in early 2018 Senator Yudichak declared that if the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl he would hike the entirety of the D&L trail.

When the Eagles brought the Lombardi Trophy home, Senator Yudichak had to make good on his word—and he took to the trail! He began his journey on May 8 right here #onthecircuit, kicking off the #SenatorTakesaHike campaign along the Delaware River Waterfront in Bristol, PA. We were there to celebrate—rewatch the live remarks that kicked-off the hike.

Now, to celebrate the completion of his journey, we’ve highlighted some of his memorable moments on the D&L.


His trek also raised awareness for exisiting gaps along the D&L Trail that when complete, will increase the connectivity of the D&L Trail, and ultimately create greater connections within the Circuit Trails network and beyond. From Bristol to Wilkes-Barre, it was an thrill to follow along as Senator Yudichak tackled the trail. Congrats, Senator! Our only question - which trail #onthecircuit will you take on after next year's Superbowl win?

Want to follow in Senator Yudichak's footsteps? Plan your trip on the D&L today! Don't forget to snap a photo and share with us using #onthecircuit.