The Rally for the Circuit Trails has Come to an End – This is What’s Next

This blog was originally posted by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and reformatted here.

Back in October of last year, a few members from the Circuit Trails Coalition hosted a Rally for the Circuit Trails to announce the growing network of trails in the Greater Philadelphia and southern New Jersey region. The Circuit Trails Coalition has their sights set on completing more than 800 miles of regional multi-use trails by 2040, but how do we get there?

Developing more than 800 miles takes time, effort and funding from a variety of partners, local government officials and community advocates. That’s why we’ve been working toward the short-term goal of completing 500 miles by 2025.

With 115 miles to build in the next 4 years, the Coalition kicked off the rally to make 500 miles by 2025 a reality by informing those who enjoy the trails that in the coming months, each county will hold meetings to discuss the status, progress and needs for trail development in your neighborhood. As of early February, the rally has hit all nine-counties informing trail users on how they can get involved and advocate for the Circuit Trails.

If you missed what’s going on in your county or elsewhere in the region we have you covered. Below is a list of each county and where they’re headed in the coming years.

Bucks County

  • Upcoming Trails: Newtown Rail Trail, Scudder Falls Bridge Path and Neshaminy Greenway Trail
  • Future Trails: East Coast Greenway, Newtown Trail Trail, Newtown to the D&L Trail and PA Highlands Trail
  • Bucks County Storymap Presentation: Details for the trails listed above
  • Watch: Bucks County meeting

Burlington County

Camden County

Chester County

Delaware County

Gloucester County

Mercer County

Montgomery County

Philadelphia County

In addition to the overview of the Circuit Trails network for each county, DVRPC has a helpful map to show current status of all trails in the region. Take a look at your neighborhood and see what trails can take you around the region.

The rally for the Circuit Trails is our first step to bring us closer to completing 500 miles by 2025. If you’re interested in getting involved become a Circuit Citizen for updates and future actions to advocate for the trails. As the Circuit Citizen community continues to grow we aim to inform those who are interested in supporting and advocating for the advancement of the Circuit Trails network.

For more information on how to get involved and next steps to build support for the trails contact:

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