Immerse yourself in history along the 2-mile Cynwyd Heritage Trail. This popular route runs northeast from SEPTA’s Cynwyd Station, passes Bala Cynwyd Park and West Laurel Hill Cemetery, before ending at Belmont Avenue at Rock Hill Road. Clear quarter-mile markers and side-by-side gravel and asphalt paths make the Cynwyd ideal for both runners and cyclists, and even cross-country skiers will enjoy the trail in the winter months.

As the trail name suggests, the Cynwyd is rich in history, and now due to a Preserve America grant, along the trail find several informational signs that provide historical details about the area’s industrial past. Learn about major landmarks such as the Cynwyd and Barmouth train stations, West Laurel Hill and Westminster Cemeteries, the Manayunk Bridge, and Clegg’s Cotton Mill, as well as enjoying views of the Manayunk neighborhood just across the Manayunk Bridge. Also find kiosks at the two endpoints that introduce the geography of the trail to users. From the Cynwyd it is easy to connect to the Manayunk Bridge Trail, which crosses the Schyulkill River and provides a connection to the popular Schyulkill River Trail (and in the future to the Ivy Ridge Trail which will run from the the bridge’s terminus). For more information click here.

Photos: Trail Link