The following East Coast Greenway Trail Segments are either recently completed or in progress.

Bucks County

D&L Trail Falls Township to Morrisville (Open):
In the middle of the last century, the southernmost section of the D&L Trail's Delaware Canal Towpath was severed by rail lines and US highways 1 and 13. Thanks to the work of Circuit Coalition member organizations, PennDOT and Amtrak several projects have been completed or are underway to reconnect these crucial gaps. In 2013  PennDOT completed a passageway to provide a grade-separated crossing of US 13 in Tullytown and in 2016 completed a short connecting trail in Bristol Borough. Two other projects in Falls Township are now open and complete. (1) A passageway through a Conrail embankment and  (2) a resurfaced and relocated section of trail under Tyburn Road moved the path a safe distance from the Amtrak Rail Line. Morrisville Borough has received funding to design the missing link of the trail across Route 32 and surface improvements will be taking place in front of the Levittown Town Center in Tullytown. The completed segment ends at the Bristol Spur Line Trail at Old Route 13 and Mill St in Bristol.

Bristol to Bensalem

This section is being studied for a suitable alignment.


Baxter Trail:
The Baxter Trail is a 2-mile section Delaware River Trail (East Coast Greenway) from Pennypack Park to the Fish Hatchery at Pleasant Hill Park. A segment behind a Philadelphia Police Department Firing Range remains closed for most of the year for safety renovations to take place. This section is open on summer weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

K&T Trail:
Phase 2 of the Kensington and Tacony Trail will extend it from Magee Street to the Tacony Boat Launch.

Spring Garden St. Greenway:
In general, the Spring Garden Street Greenway (SGSG) design follows a context-sensitive, complete street approach. A complete street design accommodates all potential users and serves multiple functions, consistent with adjacent land uses. In the case of SGSG, pedestrians will feel safer and more comfortable walking, the bikeway design will attract a wider range of bicyclists, stormwater will be managed in a more sustainable manner, bus access and operations will be improved, and vehicle access and connectivity will be maintained for motorists.

Heinz - Airport Trolley Trail:
The Chester Short Line Trolley Trail is known among local planners and lunchtime hikers as the "Wormhole" as this trolley bed (now a doubletrack service road) passes under I-95 connecting Philadelphia International Airport Business Park with John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge trails. The trolley trail is described in the Eastwick Trails Feasibility Study.

Delaware County

Tinicum Township Path (Open):

This 3/4 mile lonh section was opened in 2017 and connects downtown a sidepath constructed with a bridge over Darby Creek and improves pedestrian access to airport area hotels on PA 291.

Chester Waterfront (Open)
This will consist of on-road bicycle improvements on Seaport Drive to complement the waterfront promenade on the Delaware River around Talon Energy Stadium.

Marcus Hook Bike Lanes (Open):

This on road section will connect to the East Coast Greenway in the State of Delaware

Stay tuned for more updates!