Linking Bartram’s Garden and the Cobbs Creek Trail, the 1.5-mile 58th Street Greenway is an important link in the Circuit and East Coast Greenway. The trail opened in 2013 at a cost of $3.5 million that came from multiple sources, including the federal Transportation Investment Generating Recovery (TIGER) program, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, The Claneil Foundation, and the William Penn Foundation.

The 58th Street Greenway is a combination off and on-road route that includes a few street crossings, intersections with driveways and one spot at 58th Street and Woodland Avenue where several trolley tracks turn. The road portions are marked with sharrows painted over large green squares to be more visible to vehicular traffic, but cyclists should be alert at all times and obey traffic signals. The off road sections are paved, well-marked and buffered from the street via plantings. Access the trail from the intersection with the Cobbs Creek Trail and follow it along 58th and 59th Street in Southwest Philly to Batram’s Garden.

Eventually the 58th Street Greenway will provide a connection to the vast Schuylkill River Trail that will be extended to run north of the gardens and onward to multiple other Circuit Trails. For more information click here.

Photo: Philadelphia Bike Coalition