The Elephant Swamp Trail is built on top of the former railroad bed that once ran from Glassboro to Bridgeton, NJ. Elk Township maintains the easement through Elephant Swamp, and the trail passes among streams, wetlands and farm fields from the Elk Township Recreation Complex in Aura to the baseball fields in Elmer.

The northern portion of the trail is well maintained and is used by walkers and cyclists. Although ATVs and dirt bikes are prohibited, you may encounter them. A useful brochure, available from the link under "Related Links" to the right, identifies significant plant and animals species trail users might see.

The gravel trail can become muddy in places and sport large puddles or be overgrown with grass and weeds, especially around Monroeville. From Monroeville Road to Isles Road the trail is in good shape; however, from Isles Road to Elmer it can be poor—more ATVs and a less-than-perfect surface.

Trail users will pass through rural portions of Gloucester and Salem counties, amid tracts of forest and wetlands; farms are prevalent. A stone marker dating from 1949 is visible at the county line. The trail crosses four roads: Swedesboro Road (Rt 538), Monroeville Road, Island Road and Isles Road. Swedesboro Road is a major thoroughfare, and though the other roads are not as busy, use caution at all crossings.
Gloucester County is planning to connect the Elephant Swamp to the Monroe Township Bike Path and downtown Glassboro with a paved surface. When completed this segment will become part of the Glassboro Elk Trail.