A good loop trail can be hard to find, but just north of Doylestown, PA is the scenic 4-mile Peace Valley Park Hike & Bike Trail. Located within Peace Valley Park, along the shores of Lake Galena, the trail travels through woodlands and meadows on a route that is ideal for families. The multi-use trail is paved and mostly flat, with the exception of one hill at the northeast corner of the lake.

Peace Valley Park offers over 1,500 acres of wooded grounds and a plethora of recreational activities. In addition to the loop trail, there are additional trails for hiking; in warmer months enjoy fishing or boating on the lake; or visit the Peace Valley Nature Center, which offers various environmental education opportunities. The park is a popular birding spot, and with the numerous species of flora and fauna, over 250 species of bird have been spotted including bald eagles and other birds of prey. At the Nature Center birders will find a bird blind that is available year round. In warmer months, it is also possible to rent a boat to explore Lake Galena.

Tyler State Park does not directly connect with other trails in the Circuit, but via a short on road route, it is possible to link to the Destination Peace Valley portion of the Doylestown Hike & Bike Trail network.

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Photo: Courtesy of DVOC.org