The Rancocas Greenway will extend from the Delaware River to the Ocean County Border. Currently, several small sections have been developed but only the Pemberton section is greater than 1 mile long. In 2018 Burlington County will be advancing the Amico Island to Pennington Park section to construction.

Amico Island to Pennington Park

Burlington County has just received a Regional Trails grant to design the trail with construction funding promised for 2018. This project will construct a total of 2.2 miles of off-road multi-use trail along with about 1 mile of sharrows and bike lanes. Starting at Amico Island Park on the Delaware River a short 500 foot on-road connection will be made to the Rancocas Creek waterfront in Riverside, NJ. A 3/4 mile off-road multi-use trail will be built along the waterfront and Riverside's recreation area to Polk Street. A 1 mile long on-road section will be built along Polk Street, County Route 543 (across the Riverside-Delanco Bridge over the Rancocas Creek), and a paired set of neighborhood streets through Delanco. A 1.5 mile off-road multi-use trail will be built from Union Avenue through Pennington Park. This will include a segment underneath NJ Transit's Riverline bridge over the Rancocas Creek.