The Rancocas Greenway will extend from the Delaware River to the Ocean County Border. Currently, several small sections have been developed but only the Pemberton section is greater than 1 mile long. In 2019 Burlington County secured funding and construction will begin between Amico Island and Pennington Park.

Amico Island to Pennington Park

Burlington County has just received a Regional Trails grant to design the trail with construction funding promised for 2018. This project will construct a total of 2.2 miles of off-road multi-use trail along with about 1 mile of sharrows and bike lanes. Starting at Amico Island Park on the Delaware River a short 500 foot on-road connection will be made to the Rancocas Creek waterfront in Riverside, NJ. A 3/4 mile off-road multi-use trail will be built along the waterfront and Riverside's recreation area to Polk Street. A 1 mile long on-road section will be built along Polk Street, County Route 543 (across the Riverside-Delanco Bridge over the Rancocas Creek), and a paired set of neighborhood streets through Delanco. A 1.5 mile off-road multi-use trail will be built from Union Avenue through Pennington Park. This will include a segment underneath NJ Transit's Riverline bridge over the Rancocas Creek.

Pemberton Rail Trail to Ocean County Border

Burlington County just received Regional Trails Grant to study the feasibility to study 11 miles of right of way from the South Branch of the Pemberton Rail Trail in Pemberton into Brendan Byrne State Forest.