The following sections of the Schuylkill River Trail are planned (conceptual) or in the pipeline (pre-construction)


Wissahickon Gateway

The Wissahickon Gateway is probably one of the most challenging gaps in the Schuylkill River Trail. It was named among the Pennsylvania's top ten trail gaps. The trail segment exists between the East Falls and Manayunk sections of Philadelphia where the Fairmount Bikeway (AKA Schuylkill River Trail) narrows to a sidewalk and terminates on a busy arterial street.

An engineering analysis for the Wissahickon Gateway was completed in 2013. The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department considered both a "street-side" option (in green) and a "river-front" option (in yellow.) Either alternative requires building a new crossing over the Wissahickon Creek and weaving the trail between a PECO substation and SEPTA bus terminal. The cost of the street-side option is estimated at $2.2-2.5 M.

Ivy Ridge Trail

The Ivy Ridge Trail lies along the same right of way as the Manayunk Bridge on the old Pennsylvania Railroad inactive rail line. When constructed, it will connect the Manayunk Bridge to the Ivy Ridge SEPTA station parking lot. A feasibility study was conducted by Whitman Requardt & Associates for the City of Philadelphia and Manayunk Development Corporation on this segment in 2014.

Bartram's to Passyunk:
The Schuylkill River Development Corporation will work with the City to plan, design and build a trail segment from south of Bartram's Garden along the west riverbank to Passyunk Avenue. The feasibility study for this project will also include preliminary planning for a riverfront park near Passyunk Avenue. This segment will connect to the Bartram's Mile segment. Construction of this project will likely be done in two phases, with the trail segment from 56th Street to 61st Street completed first and the segment from 61st Street to a riverfront park near Passyunk Avenue completed later.

Montgomery County

Cynwyd Spur Trail

The Cynwyd Spur is a small section that will connect the Cynwyd Heritage Trail to the Pencoyd Trail and Bridge under construction by O'Neill Properties.  This trail has to traverse a steep grade from the Heritage Trail down to the Schuylkill River. Lower Merion Township sought and received funding from DVRPC's Regional Trail Fund and PA DCNR to conduct a feasibility study of this segment.  The study was presented to LMT Commissioners in November 2015. 

422 Bridge to Pottstown

Phase 1 422 Sportplex along Industrial Highway to Pottstown Riverfront park is officially open. Phase 2 will be a connection to the Route 422 Bridge over the Schuylkill River and coordinated with Chester County and PennDOT to complete the missing link to Parker Ford (see below)

Chester County

Parker Ford to Pottstown:

A missing link in the Schuylkill River Trail runs from the current west end of the main trail in Parker Ford (Chester County) to Pottstown (Montgomery County). The eastern segment is being designed by Chester County and the County is trying currently to resolve right of way issues. The next segment part of a bridge reconstruction on Route 422 over the Schuylkill River and is currently under construction.

Berks County


Bridge over Route 724

A preliminary plan and design has been completed for the project. The cost of the total project has increased due to increases in the cost of steel and required design changes. SRG is currently seeking additional funding with the hope of going out to bid in 2019 and construction following after.