Located in Northeast Philadelphia in Tacony Creek Park, the Tacony Creek Trail is a 3.2 mile paved route that follows its namesake creek. While hard to imagine today, as the park and watershed area is nestled in the urban heart of the city, this was once the center for agricultural and milling operations in the area, and in the late 18th and early 19th century, a center of industry. Eventually urbanization crept into the area resulting in this sliver of nature surrounded by high-density housing. The watershed and creek face many challenges surviving in this environment, but though various educational programs, projects, and promotion of use as recreational area, park stewards hope to improve this and other environmentally important creeks and parks in the area.

The trail can be accessed via Ramona Avenue and I Street in the Juanita Park neighborhood and runs to north of Adams Avenue near Cheltenham Avenue in the East Oak Lane neighborhood. At it’s southern end, find the large Ferko Playground. Currently the trail is cut off from the Circuit, but plans are to eventually continue the trail north into Montgomery County and connect with the Frankfort Creek Greenway. Both of these trails, however, are in the very early stages. For more information click here.