GO. DO. DISCOVER. #CircuitExplorer

The 2019 Circuit Trails Scavenger Hunt has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated by exploring the Circuit Trails! We hope to see you #onthecircuit.”

With more than 330 miles of trails across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the Circuit Trails is one of the largest trail networks in the country. Connecting you to museums, parks, schools, shopping, jobs, restaurants, waterfronts and other must-see destinations, the Circuit Trails allow you to explore incredible destinations in your backyard and beyond—all by foot or bike!

This summer, we’re challenging you to discover the region's hidden and popular gems by participating in the 2019 Circuit Trails Scavenger Hunt. By playing, you’ll even get the chance to win treasure—including a new bicycle and other great prizes!

*Actual model and style may vary* Source: Raleigh Bikes

2019 Circuit Trails Scavenger Hunt Prizes and Support Provided by the Circuit Trails Coalition

Step 1: Join Our Newsletter or Social Media Community to Get Alerts

Sign up to receive announcements about the scavenger hunt and other updates about the Circuit Trails. Throughout the summer, be on the lookout for announcements about “Treasure Tasks”—special challenges featuring Treasure Map destinations—as each will provide an additional opportunity to win great prizes! You can also follow us on social media: FacebookTwitter | Instagram

Step 2: Download Your Scavenger Hunt Checklist and Hit the Trails

Complete the Scavenger Hunt Checklist to be entered to win the grand prize. Your completed checklist will gain you one entry into the grand-prize pool. Here's a preview of the checklist:

To complete the list, use the Circuit Trails to stroll, roll, run or ride to trail-accessible destinations on the treasure map below. Complete the checklist by writing in the name of the location or Circuit Trail you visit by printing it out or filling it in digitally. When you're finished, submit the filled-in checklist below.


Step 3. Share Your Pictures and Finished Checklist to Win Prizes

Share Your Scavenger Hunt photos with #CircuitExplorer:

For each social media post that’s shared (or photo submitted for non-social media users), you will receive one entry into the grand-prize pool. Meaning, the more destinations on the Treasure Map you visit and document, the more likely you are to win!

At each Treasure Map destination you visit, take a photo and share it on social media using #CircuitExplorer and tag the Circuit Trails: @TheCircuitTrails on Facebook, @circuittrails on Twitter and @thecircuittrails on Instagram


If you’re not on social media, submit your photos here at the end of the Scavenger Hunt. Before uploading the photos, please label the files with your last name and the name of the location. For example: “Last Name_Destination Name”)

Submit Your completed Scavenger Hunt checklist:

By 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 22, 2019, submit your filled-in Scavenger Hunt Checklist for a chance to win the grand prize! For your checklist to be considered complete, the names of the Treasure Map destinations and/or Circuit trails you visited must be written in—either by printing out the checklist and filling it in or doing so digitally—next to the corresponding checklist item. If you shared photos on social media, be sure to include your applicable social media handle(s) on the form so your photos can be counted with your checklist submission. Your completed checklist will gain you one entry into the grand-prize pool, and for each social media post that’s shared (or photo submitted for non-social media users), you will receive one entry into the grand-prize pool. By entering, you’re agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

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