Are You In? Take the Circuit Trails Challenge

We’ve been waiting patiently for the arrival of trail season 2017, and it is finally here! If you’re a fan of the Circuit Trails, one thing should be pretty clear – we always think big, so we’re setting a big challenge to celebrate.

5. Months. 500 Miles. See Where the Trails Can Take You.

This year, we set the goal of building 500 miles of trails on the Circuit by 2025. Now, we’re asking you to step up to the plate and join the Circuit Trails Challenge by completing 500 miles on the trails this season. Are you in?

Here’s how the challenge works:

STEP 1: Challenge Accepted

Whether you run it, bike it or walk it, just log it! From April 10, to September 10, you can log miles towards your goal. To commit to the challenge, sign our pledge. Just by pledging, you’ll be entered to win a Fuji bike!

STEP 2: Choose Your Path

There are more ways than one to reach any goal, and this is no exception! No matter how you choose to tackle it, track your miles all season long using either your favorite online tracker or this handy challenge trail log, made just for you!

  1. Personal 500 Mile Challenge:  You’re ready to get out on the Circuit and crush your goals. Whether you’re on the trails training for your next race, commuting to work, or just getting out and enjoying the hundreds of miles of trails with friends and family, challenge yourself to log 500 miles by Sept. 10.
  2. Family 500 Mile Challenge: Get the whole family on the trails and log 500 miles together. That means a family of four can each log less than one mile a day on the Circuit to meet the challenge.
  3. Walking Warrior 100 Mile Challenge: Are you a walking warrior?  If 500 miles is too daunting, or you prefer walking to running or biking, the Walking Warrior Challenge is for you. Log 10 miles a week on the Circuit Trails to meet the challenge and find your 100s of miles of happy.

STEP 3: Challenge Champion

When you complete the challenge, snap a champion selfie on any Circuit trail and send it our way. We’ll share your photos online and celebrate your success with you!

Taking the challenge is that easy. Are you ready? We’ll be sharing content all season long to help you reach your goal. Share your progress with us so we can cheer you on by posting updates to social media using #onthecircuit. Check out the challenge homepage for more details, too. Let’s do this! 

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