Track Those Miles

Strap on your helmet or lace up your shoes, because it’s challenge time on the Circuit Trails! With the 500-mile Challenge underway, we compiled a list of apps to help you track your progress. Don’t forget—signing up for the challenge is easy and if you enter by June 10, you are entered to win a new Fuji bike. Complete the challenge by September 10 and you’ll have another opportunity to win. Read on to see which apps are best for you!  



Best for tracking your ride

If you want to track your cycling routes, check out Map My Ride and Endomondo. Not only do they track your pace and distance as you ride, but they also allow you to create your own personalized route based on how far you want to trek. Both apps feature voice guidance systems, giving you metrics such as total distance, total time and average pace over a customizable interval. Using these programs will make it easier than ever to explore the Circuit Trails, both new and old, on your way to 500 miles.  

Best for tracking your run

Prefer to hit the ground running? Runkeeper and Map My Run both offer a number of tools to help you track your workouts. With features similar to other training apps, such as voice cues, map guidance and detailed workout summaries, these tools are favorites of the running community. If you have an end goal in mind but don’t know where to start, explore Runkeeper’s personalized routines and goal tracker so you can stay on track with a tailored plan. For those who want to explore new areas on the Circuit, Map My Run’s “route creation” feature allows you to customize your journey before you set out, making it a great tool for exploring trails you haven’t been to in the past.

Best for habit tracking

Is just tracking your workouts not enough? Argus helps you track a number of daily habits on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Like other apps, this platform can also record runs, walks and bike rides, but it also offers other tools to assist you in building a healthier regimen. For example, Argus can track your sleep, meals, weight and water intake to give you a snapshot of your habits so that you can make positive changes.

Best for the competitor in you

For those who are always striving to achieve a new personal best or beat out the competition, Strava is the choice for you. Power up the app before an activity to track a number of performance stats that allow you to take a deep dive into the data. The app connects with your fitness tracker, so you will be able to unlock even more metrics to track your improvement over time.  By becoming a premium subscriber, you can easily segment the leaderboard rankings based on your weight and age, ramping up the competition between you and your peers.  

So, are you ready to take the challenge? Pledge now! If 500 miles is too daunting, check out the Family Challenge and Walking Warrior Challenge options. We’re looking forward to seeing you out there!

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